Thank you for visiting my website!  Currently, I hold the position of Digital Liberal Arts Postdoctoral Fellow at Middlebury College.   I completed my graduate studies at the University of Minnesota in May, 2016 in the department of Anthropology.  My research focus is on understanding past networks by looking at decisions made during the manufacture of specialized craft products.  My dissertation project focused on the decisions of Late Bronze Age sword smiths.  I collected a total of 111 scans of bronze swords to study the morphological differences, compare those based on manufacture and shape related decisions, and reconstruct past networks.

Throughout my work, I have been an advocate for working with 3D and digital technologies both for research as well as outreach and education purposes.  I have worked with several directors of the University of Minnesota Anthropology Labs to create online content, in-class content, and hands on activities for the purpose of understanding archaeological materials and concepts.  To view the digital projects I’ve worked on which have currently active links, please visit the “Digital Projects” tab on the left.  All of the research projects I’ve worked on, including those which don’t have currently active websites or current publicly available data, can be found in the “Research” tab.

If you are interested in any of my work, interested in collaborating on a research project, or have any questions please either use the contact form on the right, or email me at